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Cisco SONA Architecture

Cisco SONA Architecture

Here you will find answers to Cisco SONA Architecture Questions
Question 1
The Cisco Data Center Network Architecture comprises which two Cisco SONA layers? (Choose two)
A. Interactive Services
B. Business Applications
C. Network Infrastructure
D. Collaboration Applications
E. WAN/Internet

Answer: A C
The SONA framework defines the following three layers:
+ Networked Infrastructure layer: Where all the IT resources interconnect across a converged network foundation. The objective of this layer is to provide connectivity, anywhere and anytime.
+ Interactive Services layer: Includes both application networking services and infrastructure services. This layer enables efficient allocation of resources to applications and business processes delivered through the networked infrastructure.
+ Application layer: Includes business applications and collaboration applications. The objective of this layer is to meet business requirements and achieve efficiencies by leveraging the Interactive Services layer.
With above information, you can answer question 2 and 3 below.
Question 2
Which three of these are layers in the Cisco SONA Architecture? (Choose three)
A. Application
B. Physical
C. Presentation
D. Integrated Transport
E. Interactive Services
F. Networked Infrastructure

Answer: A E F
Question 3
A Cisco SONA architecture layer is described as follows:
The layer’s IT resources are interconnected across a converged network foundation.
The layer’s IT resources include servers, storage, and clients.
The layer represents how resources exist across the network.
The customer objective for the layer is to have anywhere/anytime connectivity.
Which Cisco SONA architecture layer is being described?
A. Application
B. Physical
C. Integrated Transport
D. Interactive Services
E. Networked Infrastructure

Answer: E

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