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Voice Design

Voice Design

Here you will find answers to Voice Design Questions
Question 1
Which type of trunk is required in order to connect a fax machine to a PBX?
A. inter-office
B. Foreign Exchange Office
C. central office
D. Foreign Exchange Station
E. intra-office

Answer: D
Question 2
When monitoring voice traffic on a converged network, which are the three most important QoS characteristics to pay attention to? (Choose three)
A. delay
B. jitter
C. packet loss
D. bit error rate
E. CRTP hop configuration

Answer: A B C
Question 3
Which H.323 protocol is responsible for the exchanging of capabilities and the opening and closing of logical channels?
A. H.225
B. H.245

Answer: B
Question 4
Which statement best describes Call Admission Control?
A. It extends QoS capabilities to protect voice from excessive data traffic.
B. It provides endpoint registration control.
C. It protects voice from voice.
D. It provides endpoint bandwidth control.

Answer: C
Question 5
Which H.323 protocol monitors calls for factors such as packet counts, packet loss, and arrival jitter?
A. H.225
B. H.245

Answer: D
Question 6
Given a VoIP network with these attributes:
Codec: G.728
Bit rate: 16 Kbps
WAN Bandwidth: 256 Kbps
Packet Header: 6 bytes
Payload: 40 bytes
How many calls can be made?
A. 7 calls
B. 8 calls
C. 13 calls
D. 14 calls

Answer: C
Question 7
Which H.323 protocol controls call setup between endpoints?
A. H.225
B. H.245

Answer: A
Question 8
Which two VoIP characteristics are affected most by codec choice? (Choose two)
A. voice quality
B. silent packet handling
C. voice packet header size
D. bandwidth required for voice calls

Answer: A D
Question 9
What are the two most likely driving forces motivating businesses to integrate voice and data into converged networks? (Choose two)
A. Voice has become the primary traffic on networks.
B. WAN costs can be reduced by migrating to converged networks.
C. Their PSTNs cannot deploy features quickly enough.
D. Data, voice, and video cannot converge on their current PSTN structures.
E. Voice networks cannot carry data unless the PRI circuits aggregate the BRI circuits.

Answer: D E
Question 10
Which two techniques can reduce voice packet transfer delay across a link of less than 512 kbps? (Choose two)
A. deploy LFI
B. increase queue depth
0 C. increase link bandwidth
D. extend the trust boundary
E. deploy software compression

Answer: A C
Question 11
Given a VoIP network with these attributes:
Codec: G.711
WAN bandwidth: 768Kbps
Packet Header: 6 bytes
Payload: 160 bytes
How many calls can be made?
A. 7 calls
B. 8 calls
C. 9 calls
D. 11 calls
E. 13 calls

Answer: C
Question 12
What is the benefit of deploying a gatekeeper in an H.323 IP telephony network?
A. increases redundancy by allowing each gateway to maintain a copy of the dial plan
B. reduces configuration complexity by centralizing the dial plan
C. provides spatial redundancy through the use of HSRP
D. provides load balancing via GUP when alternate gatekeepers are deployed

Answer: B
Question 13
A customer wishes to implement VoIP using centralized call-processing. In addition, the customer wishes to establish a balance between good voice quality and good bandwidth utilization. Which codec would you suggest?
A. G.711
B. G.723.1
C. G.726
D. G.729

Answer: D

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