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WAN Design

WAN Design

Here you will find answers to WAN Questions
Question 1
Which three factors best justify WAN link redundancy between geographically dispersed sites? (Choose three)
A. important traffic flows
B. lack of speed
C. high link utilization
D. uncertain reliability
E. excessive packet transmission rate
F. high expense of transmitting data

Answer: A B D
Question 2
Which of these accurately describes dial backup routing?
A. it always uses distance vector routing protocols
B. it always uses permanent static routes
C. the router inflates the dial backup link when a failure is detected on the primary link
D. it is supplied by the setvice provider as a secondary PVC at no additional charge
E. once the backup link is activated it will remain active even after the primary link is restored

Answer: C
Question 3
Refer to the exhibit.
Which module is the Enterprise WAN module?
A. Enterprise A
B. Enterprise B
C. Enterprise C
D. Enterprise D
E. Enterprise E
F. Enterprise F

Answer: C
Question 4
Western Associated News Agency recently acquired a large news organization with several sites, which will allow it to expand to worldwide markets. The new acquisition includes these connectivity technologies:
Frame Relay
From a Layer 1 viewpoint, which Enterprise Edge module will be most affected?
C. E-Commerce
E. Edge Distribution
F. Internet Connectivity

Answer: D
Question 5
Which three mechanisms are required to deploy QoS on an IP WAN? (Choose three)
A. traffic classification
B. Call Admission Control
C. queuing and scheduling
D. link efficiency techniques
E. traffic shaping
F. bandwidth provisioning

Answer: B D E
Question 6
Which three types of WAN topologies can be deployed in the Cisco Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Edge WAN module? (Choose three)
A. ring
B. star
C. full mesh
D. core/edge
E. collapsed core
F. partial mesh

Answer: B C F
Question 7
Which two of these best describe the implementation of a WAN Backup design over the Internet? (Choose two)
A. a best-effort method
B. requires no ISP coordination or involvement
C. bandwidth guaranteed based on interface configuration
D. designed as an alternative to a failed WAN connection
E. implemented with a point-to-point logical link using a Layer 2 tunnel

Answer: A D
Question 8
Refer to the exhibit.
All primary links are T1 s. The customer wants to have a backup to each remote office from the Headquarters office. Which two types of backup links would be viable solutions? (Choose two)
B. shadow SVC
C. dial backup routing
D. permanent secondary WAN link

Answer: C D
Question 9
When designing using the Cisco Enterprise Architecture, in which Enterprise Campus layer do the Enterprise Edge and Enterprise WAN modules establish their connection?
A. Campus Core
B. Building Access
C. Enterprise Branch
D. Building Distribution
E. Enterprise Data Center

Answer: A
Question 10
When designing using the Cisco Enterprise Architecture, in which Enterprise Campus layer does the Enterprise Teleworker module establish its connection?
A. Building Core
B. Building Access
C. Enterprise Branch
D. Enterprise Data Center
E. WAN/Internet

Answer: E
Question 11
An organization needs a WAN Transport technology that meets these criteria:
has a low initial cost
provides low-to-medium BW
has medium-to-high latency and jitter
Which technology would you suggest?
B. X.25
D. wireless
E. analog modem

Answer: A
Question 12
Which two statements best describe the implementation of Overlay VPN connectivity for remote access in the Enterprise Edge WAN module? (Choose two)
A. It must use Layer 2 labels to forward packets
B. It uses dedicated point-to-point links.
C. Bandwidth is provisioned on a site-to-site basis.
D. The ISP actively participates in customer routing.
E. Optimum routing between customer sites requires a full mesh of virtual circuits.

Answer: C E
Question 13
Which codec does Cisco recommend for WAN links?
A. G.711
B. G.723
C. G.728
D. G.729

Answer: D

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